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Inspired by our ancient solar system, and a bit by Stanley Kubrick as well, Radius is a best-in-class light fixture collection made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum characterized by radial bands. The bands illuminate inward toward the center core to offer a warm glow of indirect but powerful illumination. Each element of the collection and its unique design has been carefully created to consider the best in class beginning with the light weight design which allows for a low carbon footprint in transportation and ending with the use of LED light sources that glows without any diode resonation.


Each major component of the system has been fashioned and engineered to apply the re-use and re-build approach to all components. Shared elements means a economic and efficient system and also applies an eco-friendly philosophy throughout the brands. Principally we use new technology in the right application to address an age old need—illumination of human spaces. With this in mind the result of our products is a blend of materials, process and technology that provide beauty and seamless efficient illumination for a variety of needs.


The collection of lighting types follows the same method and concept as the original Radius No.0 pendant lamp with a focus on the intended use and efficiency needed for this forward looking light collection.


The future of lighting...

Understanding the ecological mindset of re-use and re-purpose, the Praesto Collection is focused on the creation of new inventive forms with integrated advanced light sources.


The best form of flattery is imitation and in our case we focused on the practical re-use of a form factory that uses recycled forms and tooling for various practical objects. The result is a second use of those practical objects as lighting sources for human spaces. Adding fantastic color ranges and lamping options makes the Praesto Collection ideal for a wide range of interior locations and applications.


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