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Esko Schmidt-Sørensen

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Industrial Designer.  12+ years of experience in retail, furniture, event, product and graphic design.  Global experience as design director with emphasis on new business development and creative management skills.  Providing creative direction for projects specific to a division or brand.  Creative conceptual thinker with ability to develop innovative solutions and leading edge direction. Strong sense of image and thorough knowledge in discipline techniques, practices and technologies.  Confident leader with ability to influence people toward common goals.


Esko Schmidt-Sørensen is an inventor, designer and lamp producer located in Præstø, which is a little seaside town in Denmark. Esko about himself: "I always have had an active imagination. My goal has always been to create something of value, and I have spent many years working on inventions and designs. I believe it’s in my blood as I come from a Finnish family of writers and creators who work in wood and woven textiles. I have grown up in a world where it is possible to shape natural materials and create amazing things. I was born curious and I see possibilities everywhere I look."

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